Outlook 2023 with Gareth Soloway

Kitco News, Released on 12/9/22

Global Investors face unprecedented turmoil in 2023: an impending global recession, persistently high inflation, and aggressive monetary policies worldwide. Join us for Outlook 2023 LIVE with Gareth Soloway, Co-Founder & President of Verified Investing Education and get his forecast of what to expect in various markets in the new year. Gareth, a trader who integrates technical analysis with macroeconomic forecasts, is a recurring guest on Kitco NEWS and has made a number of accurate market calls over the last year, including his prediction early in 2022 that Bitcoin’s price will drop below $20K. Against popular opinion, he held his ground and helped investors around the globe avoid major losses. In this Outlook 2023 LIVE event hosted David Lin, Gareth will share his thoughts on what investors can expect in the crypto markets, equity markets, and economy in 2023. He’ll also share his key price support and resistance levels for Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and more!

Gareth Soloway is a professional trader. He is the President, CEO & Chief Market Strategist for InTheMoneyStocks.

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