Of Pandemics and Financial Crashes – Bob Hoye

Financial Survival Network, Released on 4/27/20

It happened in London in 1665, the Black Death was taking a 20 percent die-off toll. In 1666 the great fire of London happened. Most homes were destroyed. In the 1550’s there was a credit shortage along with a touch of plague. According to Bob, the diseases don’t do the market in, the markets do themselves in. The economy was going to turn down with the stock market no matter what, and then Covid 19 came along.

The entire event has provided another example of ambitious leftists trying to increase their power and doing immense economic damage in the process. You can expect gold prices to stay strong and gold mining profits will continue to be extremely healthy. We’re in for a great market for juniors. Silver will outperform gold as always. It’s just a matter of time.

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