Nick Santiago: Gold Is Headed To $1700 This Year, Then Much Higher

Investing News Network, Released on 1/7/21 (Recorded on 1/6/21)

*This interview was filmed on January 6, 2021.

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Why 2021 will be a dramatic year
2:46 – Where Nick sees opportunity in 2020
3:45 – “I love what gold is doing”
5:34 – Could gold fall to US$1,700?
7:22 – Physical gold vs. gold equities
8:43 – US dollar, bitcoin and other metals
10:58 – Best advice for the new year
12:40 – Outro

After an eventful 2020, Nick Santiago of InTheMoneyStocks is gearing up for a dramatic 2021. He explained that various factors from 2020 are still influencing the market, and noted that historically years ending in a one are volatile. “The one year of a decade is always, always a very volatile year. You can just go back and look at 2011, you could go back and look at 2001, and you can see how volatile of a year it was,” he said.  When asked about where the gold price could be headed, Santiago said he expects it to go lower in 2021 before rising significantly in the years to come.

Nicholas Santiago started trading in 1991. In 1997, he became a licensed Series 7 and 63 registered representative. He successfully managed money for a large, affluent private client group. Nick is an expert in Technical Analysis. He is a highly regarded and accomplished technician in the studies of Elliot Wave, Gann Theory, Dow Theory and Cycle Theory. After applying his knowledge to his client base and meeting his personal monetary goals, he decided it was time to begin teaching those interested in learning his trading and investing methodology. In 2007, he partnered with Gareth Soloway to form and realize his dream of educating others about the truth of the markets. He now co-heads the education department at InTheMoneyStocks and enlightens thousands of members, along with providing consulting services to hedge funds and institutions.

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