Here is Martin Armstrong’s letter to President Trump begging him to re-open the economy

Armstrong Economics, Released on 4/14/20

Martin Armstrong explains in a short letter to the White House that if the economy is not re-opened by May 1st we will have an economic downturn that lasts 13 years.


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Curt Tyner

As soon as the pres and armstrong goes out there first and greets all the new passengers on the trump bus to the real economy…………….what a bunch of horsesh*t. You are either ignorant or just stupid.

You want to open this economy test people, get data and then you know who is hot with the virus. And you fu*king treat them. Anyone not hot goes back to work.

We don’t have any clue how many people have this sh*t you moron, what a blowhard.

Jim Beam

M Armstrong has gone off the deep end. Tin foil conspiracy nut.


“M Armstrong has gone off the deep end.”

I highly doubt it. Time will tell though. Seems to me M Armstrong is finally seeing the truer picture of what is happening. Its all out there for any non-lazy people to research and confirm.