Mints and Refiners Shut Down – BUT WAIT.. THERE”S MORE! | Craig Hemke

Reluctant Preppers, Released on 3/25/20

​In the face of officially announced Fed policy to print UNLIMITED currency to buy EVERYTHING from Treasury bonds, Corporate Bonds, ETFs, and key undisclosed corporations, wary investors and savers (anticipating a tsunami of US dollars and zero to negative interest rates debasing their nest-eggs) are scrambling to snap up the dwindling supply of physical gold & silver before the virus-mandated shutdowns and skeleton crews paralyze the supply chain.

Making the rush for physical bullion worse, the Canadian Royal Mint, US Mint, and Swiss refiners have shut down as well, claiming safety reasons. On top of that, the COMEX is requesting unprecedented rule changes to allow physical demand for delivery to be met from the London exchange if physical gold bars are not available for delivery on the COMEX. Craig Hemke, founder of The TFMetals Report, returns to Liberty and Finance / Reluctant Preppers to answer viewer questions and give perspective to the barrage of crisis measures we are facing at this critical time.

Known primarily by his nickname “Turd Ferguson,” Craig Hemke is the founder and editor of the popular TF Metals Report blog and podcast, covering precious metals, the financial markets, and greater economic trends.

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