Michael Pento: The Economy Is In For Big Trouble Ahead If Rates Don’t Come Down Quickly

The Julia La Roche Show, Released on 5/7/24 (Recorded on 5/3/24)

Michael Pento, president and founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies (PPS), joins Julia La Roche on episode 167 to discuss the current state of the economy and the potential risks ahead. In this episode, Pento highlights the rising inflation rate, the burden on the middle class, and the unsustainable levels of debt. Pento predicts a slowdown in GDP growth and the possibility of a negative quarter in the second half of the year. He believes that the Federal Reserve will be forced to lower interest rates and engage in quantitative easing to stimulate the economy. Pento also discusses the potential impact on the housing market, equities, and the bond market. He suggests overweighting energy, base metals, and gold in a stagflationary environment.

00:00 Intro and welcome Michael Reno
00:54 Macro view, inflation, and the bankrupting of the middle class
4:08 If rates don’t come down the economy is in trouble
5:49 Fed rate cuts ahead this year?
8:00 Market is massively overvalued
9:36 Stagflation and how to invest in that environment
11:32 Home prices
13:50 Why Powell can’t wait to end QT now
15:23 Long-term yields might not come down
16:00 Explosion of rates in high-yield will crush the economy
17:27 Gold
20:00 Erosion of the middle class

Michael Pento is a specialist in Austrian economics and is the President of Pento Portfolio Strategies. Prior to starting Pento Portfolio Strategies he served as a senior economist and VP of the managed products division of another well known financial firm. Michael has also created ETFs and UITs that were sold throughout Wall Street. Earlier in his career, he worked on the floor of the NYSE. He is the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market.

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