Max Keiser & Mitch Feierstein discuss the seismic shifts taking place with U.S. dollar hegemony

RT, Released on 2/23/21

Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of Planet Ponzi about his thoughts on Stan Druckenmiller going “very, very short on dollar” and if the time is finally right for Japan after a decades-long deflation.

Mitch Feierstein is the founder of and a highly successful hedge-fund manager and CEO of the Glacier Environmental Fund Limited. Prior to this he was Senior Portfolio Manager of the Cheyne Carbon Fund, part of one of the largest and best-respected hedge-fund groups operating in Europe. He divides his time between London and New York.

Max Keiser is a former stockbroker and an American broadcaster and film-maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on RT. Keiser invented “Virtual Specialist Technology,” a software system used by the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Prior to inventing this technology, he worked on Wall Street where he began working after graduating from NYU. With the help of Keiser’s co-host, Stacy Herbert, and guests from around the world, Keiser Report tells you what is really going on in the global economy.

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