Matt Piepenburg: SVB collapse aftershocks: Expect this for bank contagion, Fed, gold and Dollar

Kitco News, Released on 3/14/23

Matthew Piepenburg, Commercial Director at Matterhorn Asset Managment, joins Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, to discuss the ramifications of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank including contagion to the banking sector and the Federal Reserve’s next moves. Piepenburg gives his outlook on inflation, the gold price, de-dollarization, and Central Bank Digital Currencies, and what it all means for investors.

0:00 – SVB collapse
11:05 – Bank contagion and government response
19:35 – Federal Reserve policy
26:39 – Gold
34:30 – Fed pause
35:31 – Market rally
39:23 – Social unrest
40:50 – Central Bank Digital Currencies
45:55 – De-dollarization
51:29 – Investment implications

Matthew Piepenburg began his finance career as a transactional attorney before launching his first hedge fund during the NASDAQ bubble of 1999-2001. Thereafter, he began investing his own and other HNW family funds into alternative investment vehicles while operating as a General Counsel, CIO and later Managing Director of a single and multi-family office. Matthew worked closely as well with Morgan Stanley’s hedge fund platform in building a multi-strat/multi-manager fund to better manage risk in a market backdrop of extreme central bank intervention/support. The conviction that precious metals provides the best protection against potential systemic risk led Matt to join Matterhorn Asset Management.

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