Martin Armstrong: Anthony Fauci will go down in history as the Destroyer of Worlds

Armstrong Economics, Released on 3/22/20

I have never in my long career ever witnessed such absurdity as this man has created. Yes, it is true if we all stayed at home we can beat the common cold. For this guy to only look at his field and say that


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Curt Tyner

Well “always wrong armstromg” has done it again. Your boy and our “Liar in Chief” has proven to be even more of a complete fraud and will end up killing hundreds if not thousands of Americans as he lies us into oblivion. You “always wrong” should just quit writing anything and then you will be correct about something. Saying nothing.

Seriously dude you are going to get people killed with your crap.


“There is now little doubt that this fear factor has overwhelmed the markets and the economy.”

Actually its called extrapolating geometric progression. And already its looking pretty bad, let alone two months from now. In Italy, clogged ICUs are apparently rejecting anyone over 60. That means if you have a heart attack and are over 60, tough luck. Your on your own. In Spain, they are medicating the infected elderly so that they can have a peaceful painless death. Then with all these elderly and other people dying in mass, there will be a lot of real estate hitting the market down the road as family members liquidate estate assets. And on and on.