Mark Moss: Warning: Global Planners Show Us What Comes Next! | Not Good

Mark Moss, Released on 7/7/22

Violent anti government protests are taking place ALL around the world! From Peru, Sri Lanka, Ecuador and even Denmark, the people are taking to the streets and attempting to overthrow their government! In this video I break down all of this, as well as:

  • Show you which countries are experiencing the worst inflation protests.
  • How our leaders can solve the energy and food shortages that are ravaging the world.
  • Why rising inflation can only persist for so long, before finally the people demand a change

And most importantly how you can protect yourself from the worsening food and energy shortages.

Mark Moss is a Youtuber and has been a full-time investor and entrepreneur for over 25 years.

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Karl Graz

I must have been living in a cave for the last 70 plus years cause I have NO IDEA who Mark Moss is or what his background, education, and/or formal training actually consist of….“Youtuber”….”full time investor”…..”entrepreneur”…?

The information contained in this video could probably be condensed to about five or six minutes…with a couple of minutes to spare!

Please….tell us something we don’t already know. Anyone who’s been paying attention is familiar with all of this.