Marin Katusa, Ross Beaty and Tom Kaplan Discuss the Generational Trade in Gold and Silver

Katusa Research, Released on 9/24/20

Gold and silver are correcting from their recent highs. If you’re new to the party, you’re probably worried. This is not the first washout rodeo – nor will it be the last.

Topics include:
– What Tom and Ross agree is the “generational trade”
– How a billionaire manages portfolio allocation
– The key to making big scores, over and over again (where the REAL money is made)
– Which billionaire doesn’t have “a single penny in gold bullion” and why
– How much Tom Kaplan recommends for the average investor to put into select assets
– What they believe the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election has on precious metals
– The metal that is going to be “the very best performer of all”
– What they would’ve changed professionally if they could have a re-do
– Ross Beaty’s simple formula for success

Marin Katusa has worked directly with and financed many companies of well-known individuals in the resource industry and has become one of the most trusted and well connected dealmakers in the junior resource sector. During this time, he has become one of the most successful portfolio managers in the resource sector, such as his 2009 Fund Partnership (KC50 Fund, LLC) which has outperformed the comparable index, the TSX-V by over 600%. Marin provides his research reports and original ideas at, and he is the author of the New York Times Bestseller The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp

Ross J. Beaty is an entrepreneur and businessperson who has been at the helm of 12 different companies and is Chairman for Equinox Gold Corp., Chairman at Pan American Silver Corp. (which he founded in 1994) and Chairman for Regalito Copper Corp. Ross J. Beaty is also President & Director at Sitka Foundation and on the board of 5 other companies. He is the founder of 6 different companies, including: Pan American Silver Corp., Global Copper Corp. and Northern Peru Copper Corp.

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