Mannarino: A Monster Rally On Wall Street! Here’s What’s Next…, Released on 3/2/20

Gregory Mannarino started his financial career working for the securities and trading arm of the now defunct Bear Stearns before the dot-com bubble. He is an active trader of the capital markets and has published several books pertaining to finance, global economics, and equity trading; His most recent book is titled Ultimate Guide To Money and The Markets (free ebook). Gregory currently hosts a business day “MarketReport” on YouTube. You can find out more about what he offers at his website

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Farmer Paaul

Mr. Manarino,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good advice. I too believe things are going to get extremely difficult with the debt problem and the virus hitting us all at once. It has become obvious that the ‘powers that be’ are more than anything trying to keep the population calm in the face of this terrible threat.
When China, the WHO, the CDC and now it seem the U.S. leaders have not forced China to reveal the numbers of suspected cases from the virus or the number of people that have been cremated in China since early December, any thinking person has to realize that very important facts are being withheld from the public. As of now, the best way to gauge the kill rate from the coronavirus is to measure the number of recovered as compared to the number that died. Currently in Korea, that number is over 40% dying. Withholding the number of suspected cases in China severely diminishes the accuracy of the kill rate. 2% is ridiculously low IMHO.
Why isn’t any country screaming to have these numbers released? Perhaps because they are afraid of how the masses will react when the truth is revealed.