Luke Gromen: Whether Fed Cuts or Hikes, Inflation and Bitcoin Are Going Higher…Is Melt-Up Likely?

Natalie Brunell, Released on 3/20/24

00:00 Macro economic assessment
1:28 Treasury market update
4:17 ISDA letter
7:35 Bitdeer Technologies Group promo
8:33 What did Janet Yellen say?
13:25 US Dollar strengthening
15:51 Bank of Japan interest rates
19:30 Chance of a melt-up
22:52 Inflation
28:39 Bitcoin 2024 promo
29:11 Coinkite Coldcard Wallet promo
29:31 CrowdHealth promo
29:52 The Bitcoin Way promo
30:26 Does we need inflation?
34:57 Biden or Trump and the economy
38:21 Industrial infrastructure equities
39:14 Future of Social Security
42:44 The latest with China
49:20 Bitcoin price
51:59 Leverage

Luke Gromen is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and received his MBA from Case Western Reserve University. He earned the CFA designation in 2003. Luke provides strategic consulting services for corporate executives and is the founder of The Forest For The Trees, LLC, a macro/thematic research firm catering to institutions and individuals.

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