Lawrence Lepard: Gold Is Ignoring It All

Soar Financially, Released on 5/13/24

Gold is NOT waiting for anybody, not the Fed pivot or a recession in the US, it is off to the races. Lawrence Lepard of Equity Management Associates joins us to shed some light on the recent rally in gold. What are the opportunities?

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – The Surge in Gold Prices
05:00 – Economic Insights and Current Trends
10:00 – Gold and Global Monetary Policies
15:00 – Central Banks’ Role in the Gold Market
20:00 – Economic Impact of Gold Price Movements
25:00 – Future Predictions for Gold
30:00 – Investment Opportunities in Precious Metals
35:00 – Strategies for Investors Amidst Economic Uncertainty
40:00 – Expert Analysis on Market Trends
45:00 – Viewer Interaction and Questions
48:00 – Summary of Key Points
50:00 – Conclusion and Call to Action

Lawrence W. Lepard founded Equity Management Associates. Currently, he is Managing Partner at Equity Management Associates LLC and Limited Partner at Johns Creek Partners LLC. He is also on the board of Amarillo Gold Corp. and Rise Gold Corp. In his past career he occupied the position of Principal at The Cue Ball Group LLC, Partner at Summit Partners LP, Managing General Partner at Geocapital Partners LLC, Investment Associate at Continental Illinois Venture Corp., Financial Analyst at Smith Barney Harris Upham & Co., Inc. and Financial Analyst of Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. (Broker). Mr. Lepard received an undergraduate degree from Colgate University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Thanks for the thoughts. One comment: The BTC crowd saying they are “good with it” as a “currency” because we living in a digital age remind me of the scamdemic mask wearers. They are both the thin end of the wedge. Easier to go along and accept it than to refuse to participate in something that is against your independent health (physical or financial).


Backwards analogy as most people, like yourself, are anti BTC because they haven’t put in the mental work to understand BTC. In the most simple explanation, BTC is the world’s first honest and completely sound money. Oh, and the best performing asset in all history.


I’m not anti-BTC. It’s a great trading vehicle. But is is not money, and won’t be. Sound money has NO counterparty risk; and BTC is smothered in it.


So who is the counterpart if you own actual BTC as opposed to an ETF?


It’s a doorway to enslavement because you are invariably going to have to give up your Biometric ID to access the internet, first and foremost. Further, you are dependant on the power and internet being operational, and we all have experienced both being off line. And finally, crypto is not secure from prying eyes, especially the government’s.

P.S.: ETF’s are not money either, and a trading vehicle.

Just my POV. I am all for anyone wanting to invest in whatever is right for them, and let the market dictate. But I’m not joining in on my future survival / livelihood on what appears to be a digital prison encircling us lately.


So, your original statement was wrong and you can’t name the counterparty because there is no counterparty if you own BTC. Your statements on the internet and power apply to everything. Without internet and power you will have no access to any financial account, no ATM or credit card transactions,, no AC, no lights, no ability to buy gasoline, no transactions other than barter, and if it’s not fixed in a few months 90 percent of the population will be dead from starvation.


Enjoy your digital enslavement, and your modern tulips. :)