Keith Neumeyer: The Silver Breakout is Here

Palisade Radio, Released on 5/20/20

Time Stamp References:
1:00 – Silver ratio waking up big institutions.
2:20 – Inflation, lower interest rates, and gold.
3:50 – Outlook for silver and the silver-gold ratio.
5:25 – Silver’s demand profile.
8:40 – Comparing historical markets.
12:15 – Mining sector cyclicality and greed.
15:00 – Why his focus is on the commodity sector.

Collin welcomes returning guest Keith Neumeyer to the program to discuss all-things silver. Keith is the President and CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp.

Keith is seeing an increase in inquiries from big institutional funds regarding silver. It seems the high silver to gold ratio has caught the attention of many investors.

He believes everything should trade on real supply-demand fundamentals. As an industry, silver is mined at an 8 to 1 ratio with gold. This ratio should correct at some point much lower, perhaps as little as 25 to 1. Keith expects that we will see triple-digit silver.

Silver is a precious metal, an industrial metal, but often not considered it is also a strategic metal. Everything we do as a human race requires silver from transportation to electronics, and Keith says, “We’re not going to produce enough silver to meet the demands of the world.”

Keith Neumeyer is the president and CEO of First Majestic Silver, one of the largest primary silver mining companies in the world. He’s also the founder and chairman of First Mining Finance. Both companies are traded on the Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges.

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