Keith Neumeyer: Banks Are Mega Short Silver & Hurting

Liberty and Finance, Released on 6/7/24 (Recorded on 6/5/24)

First Majestic Silver CEO Keith Neumeyer joins us to discuss how banks can manage the silver price. To truly have fair price discovery in the metals markets, Neumeyer says limits are needed on how much shorting banks can engage in. Price suppression hurts not only miners, but also the small communities that the mines employ. He also discusses the latest developments for First Majestic.

0:00 Intro
1:18 Silver update
9:53 Silver price and mining
13:10 First Majestic & First Mint
18:40 True price discovery
23:44 Mining & politics
28:50 First Majestic Updates

Keith Neumeyer is the president and CEO of First Majestic Silver, one of the largest primary silver mining companies in the world. He’s also the founder and chairman of First Mining Finance. Both companies are traded on the Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges.

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Correction, there is a complete disconnect between everything the government does and what is required by life itself. Oh right. My bad.