Jeremy Siegel Shares His 2024 Stock Market Outlook

The Julia La Roche Show, Released on 1/18/24

Professor Jeremy Siegel, professor of finance emeritus at Wharton, discusses the macroeconomic overview, his outlook for the Fed’s interest rate policy, probability of a recession, stock market outlook, and owning stocks for the long run.

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Macro overview
04:50 Probability of a soft landing is over 50%
06:09 3 reasons to lower interest rates
10:24 Commercial Real Estate and banks
13:07 Expectations for the Fed, how fast will the lower?
17:45 Misconceptions about rate cuts
20:27 Most important message from the latest FOMC
22:22 Goldilocks economy, 60-40 soft landing odds
25:20 Stock market
27:27 Productivity
29:10 Market outlook for 2024
32:00 Value stocks
34:37 Bond market outlook
34:30 The Noisy Market Hypothesis
37:48 10,000 students in 49 years as a professor
39:25 Never taken a finance class
42:42 Milton Friedman
44:10 Parting thoughts

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