Jaime Carrasco: Gold Will Win the Presidential Election

Palisade Radio, Released on 10/13/20

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – History, money printing and the middle-class.
3:45 – Dow VS Metals
5:00 – Dollar collapse is underway.
6:50 – Gold and making rules.
9:30 – Central planning or free markets.
11:48 – Covid the convenient excuse to print moar.
16:10 – Systemic risk and dealing with the Fed.
18:55 – Why the dollar will decline.
20:15 – Canadian Central Bank balance sheet exploding.
26:50 – Unmined reserves and discount prices.
28:30 – Stimulus and market cycles.
31:25 – Educating investors and bailouts.

Tom welcomes returning guest Jaime Carrasco of Canaccord Genuity to the program. Jaime discusses the Fed’s rampant money printing. Whenever central banks print like crazy, income inequality and destruction come to the middle class throughout history. These policies explain the politics today and why the outlier tends to be elected.

The dollar avalanche is already unraveling, and it can’t be stopped. The only question is will we end up with a global centrally orchestrated currency system or more of a country centric libertarian approach. Regardless of who wins the election, gold wins.

The number one rule of power is he who has the gold makes the rules. China now has a lot of gold, and Jaime discusses what shape the future monetary system may take. Trump is more likely than the Democrats to restructure. Either way, a massive inflationary storm is coming, but Americans are more likely to remain in control of the direction under a Trump presidency.

The pandemic was an excellent excuse to print all these trillions, and they have lost control of the yield curve. Banks are no longer able to suppress gold and silver but can only manage it’s the ascent to an extent. In the background, systemic risks continue to rise, and the smart money is entering into gold. Eventually, physical shortages will become evident.

Today, some miners are indeed dirt cheap opportunities. Position yourself to make it through the storm. Jaime believes America will eventually do the right thing and that the constitution is the best document for a civilized society.

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