If COMEX Run Out Of Silver, Expect Panic Buying | John Rubino

Liberty and Finance, Released on 11/7/22 (Recorded on 11/2/22)

Financial author John Rubino sees a major financial crisis coming. He expects deflation in asset sectors and investors to search for safety. Already, from big and small investors alike, there are major movements to take physical possession of gold and silver. Retail premiums are extremely elevated. Silver inventories on the COMEX are extremely low in the registered category. If exchanges run out of silver, panic buying could set in, he says.

0:00 Intro
2:10 Powell’s speech
5:52 Breaking point
7:49 SNB Losses
12:30 Market distortions
17:20 Silver exchanges
21:58 Silver & preparedness
28:00 Rubino online
29:02 Miles Franklin

John Rubino is the founder of the popular financial website DollarCollapse.com. Mr. Rubino is the co-author, with GoldMoney’s James Turk, of The Money Bubble and The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It. He spent the 1980’s on Wall Street as a Eurodollar trader, equity analyst and junk bond analyst. During the 1990’s he was a featured columnist with TheStreet.com and a frequent contributor to Individual Investor, Online Investor, and Consumers Digest, among many other publications. He currently writes for CFA Magazine.

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