‘Historic’ 40% Rally In Stocks By Summer: David Hunter Doubles Down On Market Melt-Up

The David Lin Report, Released on 5/1/24

David Hunter, Chief Macro Strategist of Contrarian Macro Investors, is doubling down on his market melt-up forecast, calling for the S&P 500 to test 7,000 before the melt-up ends. A global deflationary bust follows.

0:00 – Intro
1:33 – Market melt-up summary
8:40 – Fed monetary policy
11:36 – Trigger for market rally
16:54 – Inflation
21:05 – Small caps
23:05 – Sectors that will out/underperform
26:30 – Gold
29:23 – U.S. dollar
30:44 – Yield and bonds
34:44 – Global deflationary bust
43:55 – Bank failures

David Hunter is Chief Macro Strategist at Contrarian Macro Advisors. He is an investment professional with 25 years of investment management experience and 20 years as a sell-side strategist with strong expertise in macroeconomic analysis and portfolio management.

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