Harry Dent Market Showdown 2022: Crash to Reality or Become Japan

Money Show, Released on 7/15/21

Harry Dent shows how economic momentum for the US peaked in late 2007 as he forecast way back in the late 1980s. Why? The massive Baby Boom passing their peak spending at age 46. Ever since we have been living off of never-ending monetary, and now since Covid, escalating fiscal stimulus. He shows why unprecedented home prices are the first to kill home sales and weigh on this “something for nothing” economic plan. Mr. Dent’s worst demographic and technology cycles come together into late 2022 for the ultimate showdown of whether central banks or natural trends win this epic battle. You can probably guess where he stands already! If he’s right, you better get out of most stocks and real estate sooner than later. The ultimate investment opportunity of a lifetime, as in 1932 and 1982, will follow in late 2022 or 2023.

Harry Dent is a Fortune 100 consultant, new venture investor, noted speaker, bestselling author, and the founder and senior editor at Dent Research, where he dedicates himself to identifying and studying demographic, technological, and geopolitical trends. He has a free daily newsletter at www.harrydent.com called “Survive and Prosper.” Mr. Dent accurately predicted Japan’s collapse in 1989, the dot-com bubble-bust in 2000 and the housing bust in 2006 to 2007 (among many other things). He’s written numerous books, including The Great Boom Ahead (1992), The Great Depression Ahead (2008), The Great Crash Ahead (2011) and The Demographic Cliff (2014). His most recent novels are The Sale of a Lifetime and Zero Hour.

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