Harley Schlanger: The U.S.-Saudi Petrodollar Deal Is Dead

The LaRouche Organization, Released on 6/17/24

Which would you prefer: More war, sanctions, austerity, lectures from the failed salesman of the Unipolar order, Antony Blinken, backed by NATO’s military and the WEF oligarchs; or a move to a system outside blackmail by Anglo-American corporate cartels, which demand cheap goods and labor, and settlement in dollars? The transition is underway. That’s why Biden, Macron, Sunak and Scholz are desperately committed to a proxy war to weaken Russia and a trade war against China, as those two nations are leading the move away from the now-gone petrodollar system, to a more secure and fair development model.

Harley Schlanger’s work can be found at The LaRouche Organization and The Schiller Institute.

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