Harley Schlanger: The “Post-Bretton Woods” Unipolar Era Must End Now!

The LaRouche Organization, Released on 8/15/22

August 15, 1971 — “Nixon Pulls the Plug” on the post-war Bretton Woods system; Aug. 15, 2021 — U.S. withdraws in defeat from Afghanistan. These two events are related, as they epitomize the effects of rigid adherence by TransAtlantic governments to neoliberal and neocon policies. Lyndon LaRouche was right in 1971, when he called for a return to the policies of Bretton Woods, with reforms to remove the restrictions imposed by global banks; and Helga Zepp-LaRouche is right today, when she mobilizes for a New Bretton Woods.

Harley Schlanger’s work can be found at The LaRouche Organization and The Schiller Institute.

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