Gold Price to Hit $3,000 by End of Bull Run, Silver Will Be Explosive Says John Doody

Stansberry Research, Released on 11/2/21

The economic impact of loose monetary policy and inflation are just being felt, which translates to gold serving as the ultimate hedge, hints John Doody, founder and editor of Gold Stock Analyst.

“You can’t hold Bitcoin in your hand, it’s a speculative play in my opinion,” he says to our Daniela Cambone.

Doody’s forecast for gold, “by the end of this bull market is $3,000 an ounce.” He shares how he evaluates the best gold miner opportunities within the market based off of operating cash flow.

“We’re never going to run out of gold, that’s going to last forever,” he states. Doody concludes that he likes silver because it’s a derivative of gold, pronouncing that, “silver is gold on steroids, and when gold gets going – silver gets roaring.”

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