Gold & Oil: The Crisis Ahead | Todd Horwitz

Soar Financially, Released on 2/20/24 (Recorded on 2/16/24)

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz joined me for an economic reality check. We discuss a flurry of topics and rumblings within the economy. How is the gold price behaving? What is silver up to and why is oil not trading higher?

00:00 – Introduction
00:59 – Overview of the Economic Outlook
02:55 – The Disparity between the Equity Market and the Real Economy
03:39 – Housing Market Concerns and Rental Challenges
04:13 – Analysis of the S&P 500 Performance and Rate Cuts
05:17 – Inflation Misreporting and the Impact of Overleveraged Banks
06:08 – The Phenomenon of the Nasdaq Rally and Investor Behavior
08:43 – Bond Market Insights and Mortgage Rate Projections
10:53 – The U.S. Dollar, Fed’s Influence, and Commercial Real Estate Sector
13:06 – Investment Opportunities: Equities, Gold, Silver, and Grains
18:05 – Oil Market Dynamics and the Role of U.S. Production
19:09 – Precious Metals Analysis: Gold, Silver, and Platinum Markets
20:59 – Future of Bond Markets and Interest Rate Predictions
22:25 – U.S. Elections and Their Impact on the Market

Todd Horwitz — known as Bubba — is chief market strategist of He is a regular contributor on Fox, CNBC, BNN, Kitco, and Bloomberg. He also hosts his daily podcast ‘The Bubba Show.’ He is a 36-year member of the Chicago exchanges and was one of the original market makers in the SPX.

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