Gerald Celente: Economic Epidemic – “The Greatest Depression Has Begun”

Trends Journal, Released on 3/17/20

Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist and founder of The Trends Research Institute. He is the author of the national bestseller Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter. Gerald Celente is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is “think for yourself,” observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – not for the way he wants them to be. Gerald Celente has earned his reputation as “The most trusted name in trends” by accurately forecasting hundreds of social, business, consumer, environmental, economic, political, entertainment, and technology trends.

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Farmer Paul

Oh but Mr. Celeste, just a month ago you said the coronavirus was a ‘big nothing burger’ and now your story seems to have flipped. Here is some facts for you that you seem to ignore. 50% of the patients in the Netherlands in the ICU’s are under the age of 50. In Italy, 50% under 60 in the ICU’s. Between March 6 and March 16 (10 days) the total infections in Italy jumped by 6 fold. Total number of deaths in that ten days jumped by 11 fold in Italy. If the Italian total death numbers just increase by 3 fold, all of Italy will be infected in about two months. 250 million would be dead worldwide on the same 3 fold every ten day trajectory, in about the same time. This virus is no ‘Nothing Burger’ and you’re blind to a very factual trend.