George Gammon Interviews Robert Kiyosaki: His New Book, Capitalism/Communism, Decline Of Society, Civil War

Rich Dad Radio Show, Released on 12/22/21

On September 29, 1959, Nikita Khrushchev said, “Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

George Gammon takes over the host seat in this special episode of The Rich Dad Radio Show to interview Robert Kiyosaki about how he sees the United States slipping into Communism.

Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, says, “Marx’s complaint is that capitalism will turn the bottom half into poverty, how capitalism will screw employees and those in the S-quadrant via taxes.”

George Gammon, the host of the Rebel Capitalist podcast says, “Our economy is completely dependent on the asset prices that are in the 401k, so if the 401k crashes as a result of assets, that means the entire economy crashes and that goes back to what Marx was saying.”

Listen as George Gammon and Robert Kiyosaki swap seats to discuss the release of Robert’s latest book, Capitalist Manifesto, and how many of Marx’s “predictions” in Communist Manifesto are coming true.

Pre-order your copy of Capitalist Manifesto:

George Edward Gammon is an American real estate investor and entrepreneur. He produces and stars in a popular YouTube Channel. Prior to 2012, George started, owned, and operated multiple businesses ranging from conventions to advertising. The last growing to 24 million in annual revenues and over 100 employees. After 12 years as a successful entrepreneur, at the age of 38, George semi retired and shifted his focus to real estate, where he has remodeled and flipped 40+ properties in and out of the United States. Recently focusing on Medellin, Colombia. He controls a multi million dollar real estate portfolio which focuses on buying distressed properties, remodeling, and selling or renting. Currently, in addition to running his real estate investments, George produces “George Gammon“, a YouTube Channel that will help you build and protect wealth through investing, real estate and an extreme dose of the economic RED PILL.

Robert Kiyosaki is best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 personal finance book of all time. His book titles hold four of the top ten spots on Nielsen Bookscan List’s Life-to-Date Sales from 2001-2008 alone. Robert is an educational Entrepreneur and real estate tycoon, co-creator of the CASHFLOW® board game, founder of the financial education-based Rich Dad Company and author of New York Times Bestsellers: Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich, and Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education. Robert Kiyosaki is among the first to have warned Americans of an impending collapse in the US real estate market, famously prophesizing, “Your home is not an investment,” years before the Panic of 2008. His latest book is Who Stole My Pension? How You Can Stop the Looting.

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