George Gammon: Do The Global Elite Now Want Peace Between Russia/Ukraine?

Rebel Capitalist, Released on 11/16/22

George Edward Gammon is an American real estate investor and entrepreneur. He produces and stars in a popular YouTube Channel. Prior to 2012, George started, owned, and operated multiple businesses ranging from conventions to advertising. The last growing to 24 million in annual revenues and over 100 employees. After 12 years as a successful entrepreneur, at the age of 38, George semi retired and shifted his focus to real estate, where he has remodeled and flipped 40+ properties in and out of the United States. Recently focusing on Medellin, Colombia. He controls a multi million dollar real estate portfolio which focuses on buying distressed properties, remodeling, and selling or renting. Currently, in addition to running his real estate investments, George produces “George Gammon“, a YouTube Channel that will help you build and protect wealth through investing, real estate and an extreme dose of the economic RED PILL.

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If the Russian Government is evil then the US and Ukrainenian Government are living ruthless entities. How long did Putin wait before stopping the Nazi’s Azov’s from slaughtering the Russian Ukrainians. The signatories to the Minsk accord passed by the UN was never even acted on. Time George for you to read more.

Karl Graz

Hey, J.M,….George is for “freedom, liberty and free market capitalism” how can you disagree with him?

Apparently, however, he’s not in favor of the Russian government being able protect the security of it’s own citizens….whom he claims he supports! Mr. Gammon is either a useful idiot for the establishment, which I don’t believe is the case, or he’s in genuine need of a history lesson as you stated! He’s not unlike many others who have videos posted here who think that striking it rich in a particular endeavor has made them an expert at everything. In my opinion, Mr. Gammon needs to stick to what he’s good at, like fixing up and renting out houses in South America, possibly. If I ever need advice in that area, I’ll call him!

Look at the bright side, J.M…. at least he wasn’t wearing that ridiculous “END THE FED” hat and didn’t once use the phrase “in three easy steps”.