Gareth Soloway: Debt Ceiling Default Trade, 3 Stocks To Bank On, Bitcoin Breakout or Fake Out!?

In The Money Stocks, Released on 5/17/23

As talks continue to heat up surrounding the Debt Ceiling, Gareth will review charts that he is looking at to prepare for what may come next as a result. Additionally, Gareth will reveal the top 3 stocks that he is banking on over the next several months, even with all the events that may affect the markets over that period of time. Lastly, Gareth will deep dive into the Bitcoin chart, and share whether he believes Bitcoin will continue its recent move up, or whether this all was just a fake out.

Gareth Soloway is a professional trader with over 20 years of experience and the President, CEO, & Chief Market Strategist for InTheMoneyStocks.

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