Gareth Soloway: Bitcoin Price Gears Up for Collapse to $12,000… Gold to Remain Top Asset

Stansberry Research, Released on 9/19/22

Considering that the U.S. dollar has gone up 15% on the year, “gold has performed amazingly well,” argues Gareth Soloway, president and CFO of Gareth says that he is a huge gold bull due to the relative performance of gold to the dollar, “and the fact gold is only down 5% with the dollar up 15% says all you need to know.” He continues on to say that the bond market is made up of the smartest money in the world, and it does not believe the Federal Reserve will hike rates again after Wednesday based on priced-in economic data. Soloway believes the dollar is getting ready for a reversal, “and markets will rejoice.” “Crypto regulation is needed and I welcome it,” he concludes.

Gareth Soloway is a professional trader with over 20 years of experience and the President, CEO, & Chief Market Strategist for InTheMoneyStocks.

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