Frank Giustra: The Fed’s Unmanageable Debt and What it Means for Gold and Silver

Wall Street Silver, Released on 1/31/23

In this video, we sit down with Frank Giustra to discuss his continued bullish outlook on gold. He dives into the secrecy surrounding China’s gold reserves and how they could play a role in the reset. Frank also expresses concerns over the potential challenges to the US dollar from a new China-Russian gold-backed currency and the impact it could have on the world economy. He discusses the ongoing energy crisis in Europe and the Fed’s potential pause in rate hikes. Frank also highlights the unsustainable level of debt created by the Fed and what it could mean for the future of gold and silver. Additionally, Frank introduces his new gold company, Aris Mining, and shares why he is particularly bullish on silver due to its volatility.

Frank Giustra is a Canadian business executive, who has been particularly successful in the mining and filmmaking industries, and is a noted philanthropist. Mr. Giustra started out as an assistant trader and then became a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch in his early career. He later went on to join Yorkton Securities, where he helped launch a new branch geared towards financing resource companies in Europe. He is now an advisor to major gold miner, Endeavour Mining Corporation. In the late 90’s, he founded Lionsgate Entertainment – the company behind The Hunger Games and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. The company had over $2 billion in revenue in 2013, and owns the rights to the hugely successful Twilight movie franchise and The Expendables series, among other big blockbuster titles. He is presently the CEO of Fiore Group. More information can be found at his website

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Steven Rowlandson

The problem with government debt is not that it can’t be managed and reduced, instead those who contract it won’t do the right thing and pay it and the interest owed on it from tax revenues first each year before spending a cent on anything else. Why? Because they are morally and fiscally irresponsible and have no business running a government in any way shape or form.


Refreshing listening to an honest man- a rarity, and all the more ironic in that Americans used to be regarded(in the days when they balanced the budget) as honest so that when the dollar read “payable on demand for gold” the world believed it (and they could always bring their dollars over to prove it.) But who these days would trust a Chinese or Russian banknote that said “payable in gold.”? So when Frank talks about gold having a role in money, what does he mean? The CB’s are working like dogs to impose a gold-less CBDC.

Bogdan T.

Outside US dollar camp citizens are encouraged to own gold. Inside this camp gold is paperised with derivatives and the price is capped by half dozen western bullion banks for one purpose: make sure gold prise does not rise to expose fiat currency Ponzi schema. By buying physical gold Frank is his own banker.

Bogdan T.

I remember at least 10 years back when China agents visiting Africa gold mines making private gold purchasing deals to bypass official gold export channels. This was done with South African gold mines. This metal flow never showed up on official China imports ledger.

Bogdan T.

US debt 30+ trillion? Nope.
Catherine Austin Fitts , Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC   and   Dr. Mark Skidmore is Professor of Economics at Michigan State University  Phd Economists and Statisticians keep uncovering:
US Social Security Trust Administration account with $400B of investable assets sitting under Black Rock management turned over in to $44 trillion  in one year 2020-2021.    Smells like FRAUD?
Conclusion: Black Rock investment group most likely is an Equity arm of ESF and was used to multiply $400B times 100.
Nice gain in one year, times 100. Smells like FRAUD?
This guarantees pension cheque for all retired US citizens. Only problem it may only buy one loaf of bread.
ESF and their trading arm Black Rock management fund is US economy and it is fraud.
Gov don’t want people to realize that money in existence is far, far greater than acknowledged. If found out no one will accept it as a form of payment.
Reference:  Financial Atrocities at Core of all Global Problems – Rob Kirby

More details from Rob Kirby at

Speed Reader

Would you please create written transcripts so people whose reading speed is 1000x their “have to listen” speed can assimilate interviews such as this in about 2 minutes? Thank you