Frank Giustra: We’re Headed Toward A ‘Global Resource War’

Michael Campbell’s Money Talks, Released on 3/2/24

Canadian mining icon Frank Giustra discusses the coming supercycle in natural resources. He speaks on how the major global actors are positioning themselves, and who the winners and losers will be. He highlights whether Canada is about to miss out on yet another major resource opportunity, and the jobs and government revenues that come with it.

Frank Giustra is a Canadian business executive, who has been particularly successful in the mining and filmmaking industries, and is a noted philanthropist. Mr. Giustra started out as an assistant trader and then became a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch in his early career. He later went on to join Yorkton Securities, where he helped launch a new branch geared towards financing resource companies in Europe. He is now an advisor to major gold miner, Endeavour Mining Corporation. In the late 90’s, he founded Lionsgate Entertainment – the company behind The Hunger Games and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. The company had over $2 billion in revenue in 2013, and owns the rights to the hugely successful Twilight movie franchise and The Expendables series, among other big blockbuster titles. He is presently the CEO of Fiore Group. More information can be found at his website

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