Fed is a Scam and Lying About Numbers, We’re Spiraling into Economic Disaster: Bubba Horwitz

ITM Trading, Released on 2/14/24

Daniela Cambone engages in a conversation with market expert Todd “Bubba” Horwitz, the founder of BubbaTrading.com, delving into topics such as the trajectory of gold in 2024, the U.S. dollar, the current economic landscape, and the “Taylor Swift Effect”. Horwitz predicts that gold will reach an all-time high this year, emphasizing the importance of including metals in every portfolio, particularly physical ones rather than paper assets, due to concerns about the flaws in the fiat currency system and the risk of currency devaluations. He also challenges the reliability of optimistic employment figures, suggesting that they fail to accurately reflect the true state of the economy. “Next month when they come out with the jobs number again, I’m sure the revised just went lower,” he remarks. Furthermore, Horwitz expresses his admiration for Taylor Swift and recognizes the positive impact she has had on both the economy and the younger generation. Watch the video for further insights.

00:00 Super Bowl atmosphere
1:46 Biden’s comments on inflation
2:59 U.S. economic status quo
5:49 When will the Fed make the change?
7:32 Jay Powell on 60 Minutes
8:26 Gold outlook
10:44 Gold price trajectory
11:45 U.S. dollar
13:19 Swift effect

Todd Horwitz — known as Bubba — is chief market strategist of BubbaTrading.com. He is a regular contributor on Fox, CNBC, BNN, Kitco, and Bloomberg. He also hosts his daily podcast ‘The Bubba Show.’ He is a 36-year member of the Chicago exchanges and was one of the original market makers in the SPX.

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Why wouldn’t you want Taylor Swift as an icon? She’s a woke satanist, or doesn’t that matter? FFS.