Egon von Greyerz: Warning of Wealth Risks in a World of Financial Jenga

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 2/22/24

0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Wealth Vs. Living
2:33 – Gold Fundamentals
12:55 – Dollar & Debt Outlook
18:17 – BRICS & Russia
20:22 – C.B. Gold Buying
29:42 – U.S. Gold Holdings?
33:25 – Counterparties & Audits
34:49 – Scarcity & Balance
37:04 – Inflation & Wars
39:16 – Fed & Rates
44:10 – Other Assets?
47:38 – Gold ETF Concerns
51:08 – Concluding Thoughts
53:22 – Wrap Up

Egon von Greyerz is founder and Managing Partner of Von Greyerz (formerly Matterhorn Asset Management AG & GoldSwitzerland). Since the 1990s Egon von Greyerz has been actively involved with financial investment activities including mergers and acquisitions and asset allocation consultancy for private family funds. This led to the creation of Matterhorn Asset Management, an asset management company based on wealth preservation principles. MAM is part of the Aquila Group, Switzerland’s largest independent asset management group. Von Greyerz makes regular media appearances on CNBC, BBC, etc. and publishes articles on the world economy and wealth preservation.

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Karl Graz

Von Greyerz begins by telling everyone that they need to strike a balance in their lives and learn to enjoy themselves and then drones on for nearly an hour predicting gloom and doom, as usual. Hey…Market Sanity….I for one am sick and tired of the “experts” who appear here regularly and spew out the same tired old spiels. How about some new guests who might actually have something constructive to say and who present a slightly differing viewpoint from “get ready for the end of life as we know it”? Anyone who is a regular viewer here has heard this routine a hundred times…ENOUGH ALREADY!