Egon von Greyerz: The West Will Go the Way of Debt Implosion & Inflation

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 5/23/23

He explains how the debt ceiling is a farce, and a regular show every time it’s reached. It’s been raised over a hundred times and every time, it’s nothing but a political posturing. This is only going to lead to the debt being increased exponentially. Firesince Reagan, the U.S. debt has doubled every eight years, and by 2025, it is projected to reach around $40 trillion. The Fed will likely reach a point where it will no longer be able to control the interest rates. This signifies a dire situation that is further complicated by the fact that no one wants to buy bonds from a country that is technically bankrupt. To try and keep the debt at bay, the U.S. will most likely deploy inflationary tactics, resulting in an increase in prices.

0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – U.S. Debt Ceilings
6:13 – Debt Pool Analogy
11:16 – YCC & C.B. Purchases
13:40 – Banking Contagion
23:54 – Bail-In Concerns
27:02 – EU & Western Banking
32:05 – What Breaks Next?
35:00 – Eastern Nations & Gold
42:36 – Domestic Gold Production
47:57 – Gold Price & Meaning
51:08 – Inflation End-Game
54:55 – Concluding Thoughts

Egon von Greyerz is founder and Managing Partner of Matterhorn Asset Management AG & GoldSwitzerland. Since the 1990s Egon von Greyerz has been actively involved with financial investment activities including mergers and acquisitions and asset allocation consultancy for private family funds. This led to the creation of Matterhorn Asset Management, an asset management company based on wealth preservation principles. MAM is part of the Aquila Group, Switzerland’s largest independent asset management group. Von Greyerz makes regular media appearances on CNBC, BBC, etc. and publishes articles on the world economy and wealth preservation.

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