Douglas Macgregor: NATO, Europe, Ukraine, Trump, China, Taiwan

Reinvent Money, Released on 4/10/24

Paul Buitink talks to former U.S. army colonel Douglas Macgregor about the war in Ukraine and how Washington should intervene to come to a negotiated settlement before Ukraine is completely destroyed. Macgregor doesn’t think Russia has an interest in conquering more of Europe. Europe should become militarily and economically independent of the US and become their own first responders. Macgregor explains the Russian military strategy, how far to the West they would go and what the path to peace looks like. He also explains Trump’s views and to what extent Trump would be able to change things. Furthermore Macgregor gives his views on China and Taiwan. He ends the conversation with advice for European voters for the European elections in June.

0:00 Intro
1:48 NATO and Europe’s need for independence
10:59 Ukraine
15:45 Status of European and Russian military
18:35 Path to peace in Ukraine and Russia’s strategy
31:58 Trump
36:07 China and Taiwan
42:05 Macgregor’s advice to European voters

Col. Douglas A. Macgregor USA (Ret.) is a decorated combat veteran with a PhD in International Relations from the University of Virginia. He is the author of five books and is the executive vice president of Burke-Macgregor Group LLC, a Defense and Foreign Policy consulting firm in Northern Virginia. He is the CEO of Our Country Our Choice

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