Doug Casey’s Take: It’s Very Dangerous And Accelerating

Doug Casey’s Take, Released on 4/7/23

*Six-year-old brings gun to school [00:00:14]*
Discussion of a news article about a six-year-old who brought a gun to school and threatened other students.

*Responsibility in education [00:03:46]*
Discussion of the responsibility of parents in educating their children and the problems with the current education system.

*Discrimination lawsuit against Tesla [00:09:31]*
Discussion of a discrimination lawsuit against Tesla by a former black employee seeking millions of dollars in damages.

*Jury System [00:11:19]*
Discussion on the problems with the jury system and the large jury awards.

*Money and Social Signaling [00:13:26]*
Conversation on the value of money and how it has been stripped away, leading to social signaling.

*Legal System and Injustice [00:16:14]*
Concerns about the legal system and the potential for gross injustice to occur, including the indictment of Trump.

*Great Cultural Revolution [00:18:12]*
Comparison of the current situation in the US to the Great Cultural Revolution in China.

*National Archives and AI [00:19:38]*
Discussion on the plans of the National Archives to use AI for record keeping.

*AI and Ethics [00:20:23]*
Discussion of the promise and ethical considerations of AI and machine learning technologies in the National Archives.

*National Archives and Cultural Revolution [00:21:26]*
Discussion of the National Archives and the potential for bias and modification of records by the Chief Innovation Officer.

*Risk of Digital Tampering [00:22:38]*
Discussion of the risks of digital tampering and filtering of records, especially with the addition of AI.

*Culture of Deletion [00:24:11]*
Discussion of the culture of deletion and the potential for deleting records that do not fit with certain ideologies.

*Impending Market Collapse [00:28:29]*
Discussion of the potential collapse of the bond market, commercial real estate market, and the impact on insurance companies and pension funds.

*The Banking System [00:31:00]*
Discussion on the flaws of the banking system and the need for 100% reserves.

*Insurance Companies and Pension Funds [00:33:07]*
The risks faced by insurance companies and pension funds due to their investments in real estate and long-term assets.

*The Fragility of Society [00:34:46]*
The potential collapse of society due to the financialization of everything and the lack of solid foundations.

*Uncertainty of the Future [00:36:38]*
The various possibilities and scenarios that could happen in the next few years, including the collapse scenario and the hope for a better future.

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Doug Casey is an American-born libertarian economist and advocate of the free market. He is a bestselling financial author, international investor, entrepreneur, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research, a provider of subscription financial analysis about specific market verticals including natural resources/metals/mining, energy, commodities, and technology. Since 1979 he has written or co-written the monthly metals-and-mining-focused investment newsletter The International Speculator. He has authored four books, including Crisis Investing, the top-selling investing book of all time, Totally Incorrect, and Right on the Money. His latest novel is Assassin. He also published a video podcast called Doug Casey’s Take.

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Igby MacDavitt

Clinton-Lewinski was run as cover for Whitewater, no?