Doug Casey’s Take: Inflation OR Deflation? How to Prepare…

Doug Casey’s Take, Released on 11/18/20

In today’s episode, we tackle an esoteric topic but one that has the most real world impact on your life today than just about anything else – inflation vs. deflation.

Doug lays out the differences, what causes them and what is likely to happen as the Greater Depression kicks into high gear.

Doug Casey is an American-born libertarian economist and advocate of the free market. He is a bestselling financial author, international investor, entrepreneur, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research, a provider of subscription financial analysis about specific market verticals including natural resources/metals/mining, energy, commodities, and technology. Since 1979 he has written or co-written the monthly metals-and-mining-focused investment newsletter The International Speculator. He has authored four books, including Crisis Investing, the top-selling investing book of all time, Totally Incorrect, and Right on the Money. His latest novel is Assassin.

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raoul duke

Casey has a very simplistic idiotic view of inflation/deflation.

Maybe he should stick to writing fiction because his definition of inflation is juvenile.

He is clearly in the beijing biden mode of decreased mental capacity.