Doomberg: Energy Trade-Offs, Unsustainable Policies, & Impeachable Offenses

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 2/22/23

0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – Nordstream & America
4:28 – Putin Apoligist & Media
12:14 – Journalism & Substack
18:40 – Pipelines Vs. Rail
26:27 – California & Energy
30:14 – Heat Pumps & Home Energy
35:32 – Thar She Doesn’t Blow
39:53 – Grid Scale Solutions?
44:33 – Diablo Canyon & NRC
50:27 – Emissions & Green Agendas
56:45 – Crypto Regulations?
59:40 – Tether & Dollars
1:03:22 – Banking Privacy & Control
1:07:03 – Wrap Up

Doomberg is the anonymous publishing arm of a bespoke consulting firm providing advisory services to family offices and c-suite executives. Its principals apply their decades of experience across heavy industry, private equity and finance to deliver innovative thinking and clarity to complex problems.

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Igby MacDavitt

Wow, not sure Doomberg knows the history, or the overt provocation by the USA/NATO powers, over the last 30 years.

Maybe Doomberg should invoke his ideology and say what the USA has done correctly to avoid the conflict? On the geo-political stage, Putin has behaved very fairly and openly. Maybe Doomberg should say what Putin’s over-reach has been rather than reiterating the propaganda.

As for the spill in Ohio, what are Doomberg’s credentials or sources for saying, and I paraphrase, its ludicrous to suggest this is anything like Chernobyl? Eric Coppolino who’s been studying this field for over 30 years certainly disagrees.

Karl Graz

With the ease of obtaining information these days, whenever I hear someone blaming the war in Ukraine solely on the Russians I conclude that they are either uninformed and not paying attention, misinformed and “drinking the kool aid” dispensed by the bought and paid for media whores or simply a shill for the lowlife group of bastards who are attempting to destroy our country. Take your pick!

Who is this “Doomberg” character, anyway? Cut all the secrecy bullshit already and grow up!