Don’t Wait: Silver & Gold Mania Unavoidable | Lawrence Lepard

SF Live, Released on 12/27/22

Silver & Gold Fund manager Lawrence Lepard predicts a silver & gold mania in the near future. The Fed is caught in a death spiral and will have no other chance but to print money again. Investors will have to flock to real assets to protect their wealth and earn a return on their investments.

Lawrence W. Lepard founded Equity Management Associates. Currently, he is Managing Partner at Equity Management Associates LLC and Limited Partner at Johns Creek Partners LLC. He is also on the board of Amarillo Gold Corp. and Rise Gold Corp. In his past career he occupied the position of Principal at The Cue Ball Group LLC, Partner at Summit Partners LP, Managing General Partner at Geocapital Partners LLC, Investment Associate at Continental Illinois Venture Corp., Financial Analyst at Smith Barney Harris Upham & Co., Inc. and Financial Analyst of Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. (Broker). Mr. Lepard received an undergraduate degree from Colgate University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Igby MacDavitt

BTC doesn’t have counter-party risk? If that’s the premise, and it’s wrong, only luck provides a correct conclusion.

How is access to the electrical grid and the internet not two forms of counter-party risk? Ever have your bank card not work, or your credit card erroneously declined?

And seriously, why is BTC ‘special’? What does it do that isn’t duplicated elsewhere?

Good interview. Thanks.