Digital Dollar is “inevitable”, Fedcoin will give government total control

Kitco News, Released on 7/2/21

Digital, state-issued currency is the “inevitable” next step of our economic evolution, says Cameron Chell, executive chairman of CurrencyWorks, who concedes it can be a “scary proposition.”

Speaking to Michelle Makori, editor-in-chief of Kitco News, Chell said that digital dollars, which fundamentally function differently a dollar that is digital, will eventually be adopted by governments.

“Ultimately, it is much more convenient for people to use it as well, so I think adoption is going to become inevitable as well, but if we are not careful with our policies and our laws, we are in for a controlled society,” he said.

0:00 – Central bank digital currencies
5:24 – Total government control
8:45 – Move towards a cashless society
13:11 – Could digital dollar cause chaos abroad?
17:32 – Can CBDCs be hacked?
18:55 – The end of cryptocurrencies?
23:35 – Dollar vs. Yuan as global reserve currency

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Igby MacDavitt

Programmable Currencies, not digital.

Igby MacDavitt

The greatest way to remove inefficiencies in the economic system is to remove the biggest inefficiency itself, the parasitic extortionist state. It’s hard to imagine how obtuse this guest is as he cheers on the march to slavery. Amazing, and not in a good way.