Digital Dollar: Beginning Of A New Dark Age? | Keith Wiener

Liberty and Finance, Released on 11/28/22

The Federal Reserve is rolling out a test of the Digital Dollar. This represents an increase in control of the monetary system. Keith Wiener, CEO of Monetary Metals joins us to discuss the potential for loss of liberty resulting from the Digital Dollar. The fight for liberty is not one that needs to be fought by going to the streets, but is an intellectual battle, he says. The American people continue to accept further restrictions on their liberty in exchange for conveniences. “Is civilization going to survive? Are we plunging back into the abyss of another dark age? That’s the battle.”

0:00 Intro
2:07 Digital Dollar
19:45 Sound money
26:19 Intellectual battle
41:60 Leasing & loaning gold
49:55 Monetary metals
50:20 Miles Franklin

Keith Weiner earned his Ph.D. from the (non-accredited) New Austrian School of Economics. He speaks worldwide about the failing dollar system and the need to rediscover the gold standard. To this end, He founded the Gold Standard Institute USA and Monetary Metals. The former is a nonprofit focused on education and outreach. The latter makes it profitable to invest in the gold standard by paying gold interest on gold. Previously, Keith founded DiamondWare, a voice technology company that he sold to Nortel Networks in 2008.

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I dropped off when Weiner made a very ill informed claim about the “right” wanting more regs out da gubamint to protect free speech on the net. He ignores that big tech is hiding behind regs that gave them immunity as they were not publishers of content and couldn’t be held liable for the content posted on their sites.

However, when they started to censor virtually anything they deem “incentive” or “inappropriate” or whatever excuse du jour, they became publishers and therefore should have their content protection removed. Regulation of publishing is old law (ie porn, pedo shit etc.).

He also fails to recognize that these same big firms failed to remove porn and pedo content and largely focused on issues that go right to the heart of free speech and differing opinions in the virtual town square. I still think Weiner is a Weiner. But that’s me… this shallow analysis enforces that view.