Deflation Is Here But So Is A Multi-Decade Gold Bull Market says Bob Hoye, Released on 5/21/20

Bob Hoye is a trained geologist, successful resource investor and economic historian. In this interview, Bob explains why he believes we are now in a deflationary economic environment. Amidst this environment, Bob sees the price of gold rising and gold stocks entering a multi-decade bull market.

0:15 Introduction
1:26 We are facing deflation now
9:03 Are you are short general equities and long commodities?
12:38 Deflationary environment yet gold will continue to rise?
13:34 Why won’t liquidity continue to flow into FANG stocks?
16:18 Deflation yet gold stocks will go up
19:55 The real price of gold will go up
24:16 Canada to seize gold mines?

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