Dave Kranzler: More Gold & Silver Pain Before The Big Gain

Arcadia Economics, Released on 5/18/23

Gold and silver have experienced significant rallies since the lows of last fall, with gold rising from $1650 to over $2,000, while silver rallied from slightly below $18 to over $26, before the recent correction. Given the magnitude of the rallies, it’s not entirely surprising to see a correction. And in today’s show, Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics looks at the recent sell-off, and talks about whether there might be more downside to come before a resumption to the rally. Dave takes a look at the trading levels on the gold and silver charts, and also integrates some of the macro developments that are currently ongoing to explain why there could still be more downside ahead. Yet he also lays out the case for why he expects a continuation of the rally over the medium term, and the factors that will be driving it. So with gold and silver down over the past 2 weeks, to find out what might be coming next, click to watch this video now!

Dave Kranzler spent many years working in various Wall Street jobs. After business school, he primarily traded junk bonds for a large bank. Dave graduated from Oberlin College with majors in Economics and English and he also has an MBA from the University of Chicago, with a concentration in accounting and finance. Currently, he co-manages a precious metals and mining stock investment fund in Denver. He has nearly thirty years of experience in studying, researching, analyzing and investing in the financial markets. His daily articles can be found at his site, Investment Research Dynamics.

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