Dave Collum: The Dangerous World

WTFinance, Released on 11/2/22

On todays episode of the WTFinance podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Dave “True Disbeliever” Collum, Professor of Organc Chemistry &leading thinker on markets and the larger world around us. During the conversation we talked about how are world has become more dangerous, the Ukraine/Russian conflict, the current state of China and impacts these macroeconomic events have on the market.

0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – How have we gotten to this dangerous world we live in today?
2:20 – Shouldn’t be worried about East vs West?
3:16 – You are with us or you are against us
6:20 – Post Collapse of the Berlin War
7:40 – Most interesting thing in your research?
9:12 – How does this Ukraine/Russia conflict end?
12:30 – Best thing is a stalemate in Ukraine?
15:20 – Russian support in Ukraine?
22:30 – Russia is not a military superpower?
24:40 – Lots of complexities in life
25:45 – Opinion on the current state of China?
35:10 – Return to value investing over performance?
40:15 – Will we see a recession and impact on S&P500?
43:45 – Austerity or growth faster than inflation
48:55 – Issues with pipelines in North East US
52:48 – One message to take away from our conversation?

David B. Collum is an economic commentator, chemist, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University. He holds a PhD, Columbia University, MS, Columbia University, MA, Columbia University and BS, Cornell University.

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