Crypto Scandal – Collapse Has Just Begun | Doomberg

Liberty and Finance, Released on 11/12/22

“We are running a repeat of the 2008-2009 financial crisis in the crypto world, but without the central bankers as last resort,” says Doomberg, “We are going to see the full effect of contagion.” Doomberg, Substack’s most popular financial channel, joins us to discuss the FTX exchange scandal. Topics also include the USD, gold, the petrodollar system, and energy crises across the globe.

0:00 Intro
2:14 Gold & silver
5:24 Crypto collapse
10:36 USD Index
14:37 BRICS+ & gold
23:10 Diesel crisis
30:30 Europe energy crisis
33:37 Doomberg
35:00 Miles Franklin

Doomberg is the anonymous publishing arm of a bespoke consulting firm providing advisory services to family offices and c-suite executives. Its principals apply their decades of experience across heavy industry, private equity and finance to deliver innovative thinking and clarity to complex problems. Doomberg on Substack:

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