Craig Hemke – Gold’s Superfecta! Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly All Time Highs

The KE Report, Released on 3/28/24

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins us to discuss gold’s superfecta! A superfecta is a betting term referring to 4 correct picks on the same bet. For gold this is all time highs on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. We discuss what’s driving this move and how much higher price could go.  Of course we have to look at silver and the gold equities as those have yet to breakout. There are some positive trends in both that could be signifying the start of a longer term breakout.

Known primarily by his nickname “Turd Ferguson,” Craig Hemke is the founder and editor of the popular TF Metals Report blog and podcast, covering precious metals, the financial markets, and greater economic trends.

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