Col. Douglas Macgregor: What Endgame Means for Political Elite, Election, Financial System, Bitcoin

Natalie Brunell, Released on 2/19/24

00:00 Economic picture
12:51 Bitdeer Technologies Group promo
13:51 Forever wars vs. diplomacy
18:59 How long can the US print money?
21:38 Will Russia adopt Bitcoin?
24:23 When will the US adopt Bitcoin?
26:09 Bitcoin’s national security implications
28:27 Who holds the power?
30:42 Bitcoin 2024 promo
31:09 Coinkite Coldcard Wallet promo
31:29 CrowdHealth promo
31:58 When will the bubble burst?
35:27 Government spending
40:13 Who’s running in 2024?
43:26 Bitcoin in the White House
46:20 Issues with younger generations
48:28 Our Country Our Choice
51:07 Sorting truth from fiction

Col. Douglas A. Macgregor USA (Ret.) is a decorated combat veteran with a PhD in International Relations from the University of Virginia. He is the author of five books and is the executive vice president of Burke-Macgregor Group LLC, a Defense and Foreign Policy consulting firm in Northern Virginia. He is the CEO of Our Country Our Choice

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