Chris Martenson: Wait…You Can Get Reinfected With The Coronavirus??

Peak Prosperity, Released on 4/8/20

Back in February, we saw some early reports that some coronavirus patients in China may have become infected again after their initial recovery. The data was scarce and we haven’t had much to go on since then…until now. More recent studies now indicate that a certain percentage (possibly a third?) of “recovered” patients have so few antibodies to covid-19 that they’re able to get re-infected at a later date. If indeed the case globally, this would dampen hopes by substantially retarding progress to herd immunity. And increasing the public health risk, especially since the severity of the infection seems notably worse the second time around. Don’t despair yet, as there are material open questions regarding this new data that require further study. But it does reinforce the nefarious complexity of this honey badger of a virus.

Christopher Martenson is a former American biochemical scientist. Currently he is a writer and trend forecaster interested in macro trends regarding the economy, energy composition and environment. He is the founder of As one of the early econobloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market correction years in advance, Chris rose to prominence with the launch of his seminal video seminar which later became a book called The Crash Course. Chris’ latest book (co-authored with Adam Taggart) is called Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting.

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