Chris Martenson: Coronavirus: Here Comes The BOOM! Stage

Peak Prosperity, Released on 3/20/20

To Watch Update #52, CLICK HERE

Here we go folks. We are starting the ride up the hockey stick of covid-19 exponential spread. Daily new infections in many countries are in the several thousands. Expect those to be in the tens of thousands shortly. And soon after, expect the same with the daily death tallies. That’s why the world in going into lockdown. To the point where we may not have enough workers to maintain the systems that keep our lights on, transport our food and water, or heat our homes. We are along way away from the light at the end of this tunnel. And we’re just about to enter the time when things will get really dark. Sickness, job loss and death — all will be higher than most folks are prepared for right now. Chris sees the lockdown constraints we’re all being placed under tightening further very soon. So while you still have some mobility and some remaining ability to top off your stores, do so *now*

To help you, just released this new resource: The Covid-19 Home Lockdown Survival Guide.

We’ve written this to be a comprehensive collection of the resources you need to stay safe, sane and solvent through the covid-19 crisis.

And it’s a great tool for getting everyone in your household on the same page — print it out and have them read it:

Christopher Martenson is a former American biochemical scientist. Currently he is a writer and trend forecaster interested in macro trends regarding the economy, energy composition and environment. He is the founder of As one of the early econobloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market correction years in advance, Chris rose to prominence with the launch of his seminal video seminar which later became a book called The Crash Course. Chris’ latest book (co-authored with Adam Taggart) is called Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting.

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